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Ahh ... the waiting is endless!

16 May 2012 14:34

Waiting to hear whether I got in the the Royal Academy cheap replica watches usa Summer Show this year. Each day checking the post. I submitted a huge piece of work - a tour de force of etching called Tunnel Vision! It´s so big I haven´t figured out how cheap fake cartier watches to photograph it for the gallery section of this site. Fingers crossed.

Affordable Art Fair Hamstead Heath

09 October 2011 22:22

Just getting myself and my work ready for the cheap cartier replica uk Affordable Art Fair´s new venue at Hamstead Heath. I´m very pleased to be a guest artist invited to participate by Printmakers Inc. artists group. It´s from the cheap Breitling replica For Men 27th to 30th October - I have a few free entry tickets to give away. If you´d like one - let me know. Read more on the Exhibiting page.

Rained out of Urban Art!

17 July 2011 18:57

An apology to people who went along to Urban Art this year expecting to see me and my work. I was there yesterday. It took an hour to set up and then the rain started and didn´t stop! Frames were getting wet, one frame had water lodged inside it after only seconds. My portfolio trapped a small pool of water where all my unframed stock was sitting and my wife and I decided to get everything in the car and World Replica Watches UK home as soon as we could to try to save as many of the prints and frames as possible. There was no let up all the way home - the rain poured and poured until that was we drove into our street. Then the rain stopped and out came the sunshine! It then took several hours of hard work to take all my artwork out of the card and wrap it was in, losing tens of pounds worth of card stock as it had buckled in the rain. Luckily, I caught the prints in time and so far none are damaged. One very large frame might not be usable. The BBC forecast heavy rain for Sunday so we stayed at home. Sadly, for me it turned out to be quite a nice day most of the time! 

I feel sad about this weekend. Urban Art is usually a lot of fun and much needed encouragement from fans and passers by and on a practical level ... it usually pays for our seaside break. What a shame! Sorry folks - I know some of you have been in touch to say you went there and Breitling replica For Men didn´t find me!


That time of year again!

06 July 2011 22:40

 It´s come round really quick this year - but I´m at Urban Art - the outdoor exhibition in Josephine Avenue, Brixton, London SW2 on the 16th and omega replica watches uk 17th July. If the weather holds out this is usually a cosmopolitan show full of different artists and 2D works. The food isn´t bad either with a selection of stalls from around the world (well ... from around Brixton ... but they represent world cheap cartier replica foods!). See you there!

Strange day today

17 June 2011 20:59

Today, our cat Molly had to be put down. She was only two but she had cancer. It was a really hard thing to do - wouldn´t wish it on anyone. But today was also ´do it with dad´ day so after the cat dying, I headed off to my son´s school and embarked on the cheap replica tag heuer watches strangest one hour. I played, connect 4, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I built a tower from Lego, crawled through a tunnel, climbed a fence, gathered balls, juggled, built a structure from drinking straws, played cup and ball, chased a butterfly with a frog hand puppet, played ´it´ with about a dozen children, cleaned up, did a bit of carpet wrestling. The whole day remembered has blended into the strangest memory ... watch this space for how it affects my cheap replica panerai watches uk artwork!

Royal Academy Summer Show

25 May 2011 22:48

 I GOT IN! I GOT IN! I GOT IN! After only Patek Philippe Replica ELEVEN years of trying and having my work ´Selected but not hung!´ It was a gamble as I entered the two prints that show my hublot replica watches uk disdain for Tesco. But I guess it paid off. If you can´t already tell ... I´m a little pleased.

How �not� to cut card

17 May 2011 22:38

 I learned a valuable lesson last week and thought to share it with you. When cutting hard glossy card that is silky smooth without any grain offering purchase for your Stanley knife - it´s probably best to use something other than your kid´s plastic school ruler as a guide for the blade. Doing so, may result in you lopping off the top of your thumb, thus covering your artwork, the table, the floor and your clothing in much blood. This may also necessitate a trip to A&E, a tetanus shot and a week long course of Replica Watches UK antibiotics and strong pain killers. If you do sustain such an injury it is perhaps best not to use your bike as a form of transport to and from your studio as doing so may cause you to suffer dizziness and open up the wound once again. Furthermore it is probably best you refrain from all forms of physical activity especially such tasks as oh ... say ... lugging a leather armchair down three flights of stairs ... twice!

PS: Should you lop off a part of your thumb - it is probably best to pack the bit in ice rather than wrap it in kitchen towel and place it in a sandwich bag. Also, when you get to the hospital and can´t find your bit of thumb - check the other Cheap Replica Watches for sale pocket!


New work

13 February 2011 13:54

 Have a look at my new work which includes ´Tesco Excess´ and ´Work/Daddy´ and a ´Death by Duvet´ which surprisingly is gathering popularity swiss made Replica Watches For sale

�modern vision of hell�

05 December 2010 12:33

Another mention of Tescopolis online was on The Independent on Sunday. This really made me laugh as my work has never been described as a ´modern vision of hell´ before Cheap Replica Watches UK.

Power of the press

05 December 2010 12:11

 A funny thing - my print depicting a world full of Tesco stores and businesses - a ´Tescopolis´ was picked for the recent New English Art swiss made Replica Watches sale Club exhibition at the Mall Galleries. A journalist saw it, wanted to know what was behind it so I told her the story about my daughter´s school having collected 26,000 vouchers (so a spend by parents of £260,000 to get one voucher per £10 spent) which were ´lost in the post´. The school had pleaded understanding from Tesco and had officially complained to OFCOM but Tesco back in 1995 had refused point blank to honour the application for a £1000 projection panel for the classroom even though the school collected vouchers every single year - they got no ´good will gesture´ or anything at all and this really grated on the parents and on me and story upon story about Tesco´s might only fueled that anger and that was the ´energy´ behind Tescopolis.

The journalist from The Independent was very interested in this and wanted to corroborate the story so got in touch with Tesco and the school and the good news is Tesco have now agreed to credit the school´s account with the 26,000 vouchers! A small victory against a mighty power but a victory none the less! The school are very happy.

Tescopolis got a mention in West cheap fake Watches UK shop End Extra both in print and online.


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