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Really proud of new piece

20 December 2014 14:20

 I´ll try not to sound big headed but I´m really proud of my new work After Escher. I admire Escher´s work very much and this piece is a modern take on how his staircase may look nowadays but is also a personal comment on how commercialised famous artists´ works become once they have died i.e calendars, gifts and the rest ...

Got a facebook page now

20 December 2014 14:08

 Please visit my new facebook page, like it and share with friends. It´s Martin Langford Printmaker.

Urban Art 2013

08 July 2013 23:16

 I may have left it a little late to tell you this but I´ll have a stall at Urban Art 13th and 14th July (this weekend). You can see a selection of my work and say hello. Apparently over 200 artists will be exhibiting. It´s a great day out 

Affordable Art Fair

08 June 2013 14:08

 I´m back for the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead Heath. Have left it a bit late to offer people free entry tickets - but if you see this and want one - please get in touch. It´s from 13th to 16th June.  I´m part of a print group called Printmakers Inc. Stand number D1.

Phew! Got in again!

08 June 2013 14:05

 I´m very pleased that this year I got two prints into the Royal Academy Summer Show. One very large one called ´King´ which follows through my ´man from industry´ theme. This is a linocut and my first linocutting venture since college so was very pleased with the way it came out. The second is ´Stuff´ which is a tiny etching commenting on cramped living conditions faced by families today. Two very different prints so am really pleased they both got in! You can see both in my artwork portfolio section.

Whole year has gone!

28 April 2013 21:06

I can´t believe a whole year has passed and I am here again waiting to find out whether I get any prints into the Royal Academy Summer Show. Just got a letter in the post telling me I´ve passed the first stage of selection. Fingers crossed!

Two more awards for Tunnel Vision!

10 October 2012 09:39

I´m very pleased to have won two more awards for my biggest print Tunnel Vision. First at RE Open Show, Bankside Gallery: RIS Purchase Prize. Second at the BITE Exhibition, Mall Galleries: The Brook Gallery Award which is a money prize along with a solo exhibition in this prestigious gallery in the near future.

Artist of the Week at the RA!

02 August 2012 22:38

Thanks to the RA for choosing me to be artist of the week. Watch my video here.

Rain Stay Away!

30 June 2012 14:04

I´ll be at Urban Art again this year (14th & 15th July), 10am to 6pm exhibiting a large range of work as I´ve secured double pitches on both days! Last year I was rained out and lost some work and frames due to rain damage in the time it took us to manically load up the car with the work once the rain started pouring. It was sad especially as a number of my loyal fans had made their way especially to see me and look at latest work. If you´re planning on coming along ... and the weather is torrential rain ... please feel free to give me a call to check I´m there still 0795 2772663.

So I got in!

30 June 2012 13:59

Very pleased to say I got Tunnel Vision accepted in the Royal Academy Summer Show this year. And although I didn´t get Novelty in, a member of staff from the hanging team told me that they had originally put both prints up but then took Novelty down to make space for another artist´s work. That´s ok. I´m happy and the sales are starting to roll in ...

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