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Welcome to my website. For anyone who has visited before, I´d like to draw your attention to my new ´blog´ page. Here I will try to share my ideas and thoughts with you and reply to feedback.

Please take a moment to read through the technique section to understand about the intaglio printmaking techniques I use, visit the artwork section to see works such as Hungry City, Small World and Grapple, and feel free to contact me to ask any questions or to give feedback.

Quick background:
I studied for my art degree at Polytechnic South West and then did my post graduate in Advanced Printmaking at Central St Martin’s College of Art where the late David Gluck RE introduced me to the old traditional printmaking technique of mezzotint.

I became fascinated with this technique when I realised just how difficult and laborious it was and how few people still practiced it and it became a challenge to see how much effort I could invest in one image! Now I do a lot of etchings and work in mezzotint only when the image demands the tonal effects that mezzotint can give.

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